Upcoming Screening Schedule


September 23

November 27-30


August 5 - 7

Community screening at First Presbyterian Church of Evanston

To celebrate National Adoption Month in November, we have a Thanksgiving virtual screening event followed by a Q&A discussion. at Show & Tell

Live screening at the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival

Selected for PBS's  2022 American ReFramed Series!

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Screening & Hosting an Event

  • For public libraries, high schools, university or professional screenings of the film,
    please purchase an educational license from our distributor TBD.

• To host or organize a screening of the film in your community, conferences,
seminars or events, please fill out the form below and specify:
- size of your audience
                                         - preferred way to screen: online/ DVD/ Blu-Ray
                        - post screening Q&A with filmmaker

You can also contact director May Tchao directly.

We have designed a discussion guide for this purpose.

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